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Australia’s Asian Business Report: Australia’s Asian business networks and their contribution to economic growth


Asian Businesses in Australia are fast-growing and an under-utilized resource to engage with Asia. The Australia’s Asian Business Report project is the first to:

  1. Map Australia’s Asian diaspora businesses’ regional and global business networks and their contribution to Australia’s regional integration and economic growth.
  2. Identify the innovative potential of the cross-border entrepreneurial ecosystems of Asian-Australian businesses in creating new products, services, digital technologies, and markets.
  3. Gauge the nature and extent of plans of Australia’s Asian businesses post-COVID-19. The project will result in a major thought leadership report and joint public outreach.


At a time when Australia is aiming to diversify its links with Asian economies, Asian Australian entrepreneurs and business communities are becoming a crucial resource for our regional economic integration. In 2019, the University of Sydney Business School’s Discipline of International Business held its first industry-academic workshop on ‘Global Management Challenges in a Changing World’ which identified Asian Australian entrepreneurs and Asian diaspora businesses as an under-utilized resource to engage with Asia. In cooperation with Commonwealth Bank Australia Asian Business Banking team and with the support of the Export Council of Australia, we have developed this project to complements other initiatives, such as by the Business Council of Australia’s Asia Taskforce. Building on our experience from previous reports, such as our 2020 joint report with KPMG on The new Chinese Australian entrepreneurs, our unique focus is on the transnational entrepreneurship and the business ecosystems of Australia’s Asian business communities.


Our project is a comprehensive study on Australia’s Asian business: mainly small and medium-sized enterprises operated by entrepreneurs of Chinese, Malaysian, Korean, Indian, and Vietnamese backgrounds, among others. Their cultural knowledge, linguistic abilities, and cross-border networks are a resource for Australia’s economic integration in our region.

Our study comprises (1) a quantitative analysis of the contribution of Australia’s Asian business to Australia’s foreign trade flows; (2) an online survey of the current (2021) state of Australia’s Asian entrepreneurs from different diaspora communities regarding their local, regional, and international networks and their business plans post-COVID-19; and (3) in-depth interviews with targeted Asian business people from different ethnic and community backgrounds and related case studies. We aim to cover a cross section of industries and company sizes with a focus on SMEs.


Research into Asian businesses requires knowledge of the structure and dynamics of their entrepreneurial activities. A specific problem in existing research is that information on Asian businesses is fragmented and incomplete. Our study is the first project to comprehensively investigate and profile the diversity of Asian Business in Australia in a contemporary and applied context.

The project uses a mixed-method research design. We combine qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques and analysis procedures for triangulation (Nielsen, 2020). The data come from longitudinal survey of Australian exporters, an online survey, interviews, and case studies. The level of analysis is the entrepreneurs. Our interviews with entrepreneurs of diverse backgrounds and from different communities are a core element of our research.


Dear Participant

We would like to invite you to participate in a survey of Australian business people from different Asian communities.

The survey is part of a research project on Asian-Australian business networks and their contribution to Australia’s economy sponsored by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and the University of Sydney Business School.

We are interested to learn how your business and your business partners in Australia and Asia create new markets for Australian products, services, and innovations at a time when Australia is diversifying business links with Asia. We also want to understand how the pandemic has affected your international business links and what changes you expect when we come out of the


We are planning to publish a thought leadership report on this project in early 2022. Like all our reports, it will be circulated widely to businesses, the government, and the media.

The survey is anonymous. We will not ask for your name or the name of your business. If you give us your contact email, we will be happy to send you our final report. You will find all the required information and the survey link in our email. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with us. This short YouTube video introduces our research team.

The survey will take about 15 minutes to complete on your mobile phone or computer. Please do join our online survey here or use the link or QR code provided below.

Best wishes

Wei Li                                              Hans Hendrischke


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T +61 2 9351 3107 | M +61 407 188 287

E hans.hendrischke@sydney.edu.au | W http://sydney.edu.au/business CRICOS 00026A

Research Reports https://ses.library.usyd.edu.au/handle/2123/23153

Survey link https://usygovir.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV4VgI2BkDnOCZOfQ

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